Estate Sale Guidelines

 Estate Sale Guidelines 

All estate sales require the prior approval of the Raintree Woods Homeowners Association Board of Directors. 

All Monthly Resident Assessments and late fees owed must be current. 

Property Owner shall pay a $100 non-refundable deposit in addition to a $250 refundable deposit. The $250 refundable deposit will be refunded after the sale providing all rules of having an estate sale are followed. 

At least 60% of the interior of the home shall be open to the public, if a public sale is conducted. 

If open to the public, the Homeowner or estate sale company (agent), at their sole cost and expense, shall have an extra person at the security gate for control purposes to ensure that security to all members of The Raintree Woods Homeowners Association is not lessened due to the increased traffic entering the development. 

The Homeowner or their agent will provide a means of identifying shoppers who are within the confines of the community. This can be accomplished with a dash board sign that is issued at the gate. A map is suggested to avoid having shoppers wander around the area. 

Homeowner/Agent will agree not to place any unsightly banners, pennants, or wind socks to mark turns and the estate sale location. Any signs should be well done and no larger than an ordinary real estate sign. 

Hours will be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for a public sale. 

Public sales will be held a minimum of two days and a maximum of three days. 

Sale by appointment will be allowed. The Homeowner/Agent will notify the guard in advance of the guests entering the development. 

Homeowner/Agent must provide the security guard with the names, vehicle make and license number of employees that will working the estate sale. 

The Agent must agree to abide by the HOA rules and regulations. 

Resident will be liable for any damage to Raintree Woods or residents caused by attendees, employees, movers, etc. (damage to mailboxes, street signs, etc.). 

Raintree Woods Homeowners Association will not be held responsible for any damage or injury to person(s) or property attending the estate sale. The Homeowner and/or Agent conducting the estate sale shall assume any and all liability.